Family Visits

At Vista, we encourage our families to come out every 4-6 weeks. In general, the first and second visits are on campus. These visits include live family therapy sessions and parents are also asked to participate in group therapy sessions. Over time, parents can then take their daughter off campus where families can enjoy an overnight or weekend pass. This gives you the opportunity to go skiing as a family in Park City, see the breathtaking landscape in Moab, or enjoy a relaxing day by the pool in downtown Salt Lake.

The goal is for students to eventually go on "home passes" for up to a week at a time. The true test of whether a young lady has internalized the hard work and therapy accomplished at Vista is not what happens in the months she is enrolled, but rather in how this progress continues after graduation. That is why each pass or visit at Vista has a purpose and structure to it - to help students prepare for life after treatment.

Places and Activities

Ski Resorts