To whom it may concern:

It is our pleasure to recommend Vista Sage Treatment Program for struggling teens. When our daughter arrived at Vista Sage, she was apprehensive and nervous. The staff was kind, caring, and respectful to our daughter even when she struggled to adhere to the program. They continued to help her to believe in herself and encouraged her to consider that she deserved to be happy. The intense therapy programs offered at Vista Sage taught our daughter how to handle anxiety producing events and how to make better choices in her life.

We never worried about our daughter's safety while she attended this program that was a great relief to us. The weekly Skype individual therapy sessions brought our family back together as a unit. We were able to attend a couple of group therapy sessions while visiting and found they were very well run. The girls were held accountable for their actions by both the girls and the therapist. If one of the girls was struggling, the girls offered help and guidance as to how to get through a difficult challenge because of the skills learned while at Vista Sage.

Recently our daughter graduated from the program and is using her learned skills to navigate her future endeavors. She was sad to leave this program because she felt safe at Vista and became attached to the staff members who changed her outlook on life.

We wish to thank all staff at Vista Sage for the support, kindness, caring, and encouragement offered to our daughter during her time at Vista Sage.

Thank you.




Dear Steve, Stephanie and Tim,

I just want to thank all of you for everything that you did for our daughter.  A year ago, I had no idea what to do with her.  She was basically spiraling out of control, with no desire for any sort of a future.  She had failed many classes, had been caught on several occasions smoking weed and had no desire or motivation to do anything other than get high.  She had no confidence, considered herself incapable of doing well in school and having no chance at a successful, happy future.  She fought the system for a couple of months when she got to Vista Sage and was definitely a handful.  However, when Steve became her therapist, she slowly started to accept the process.  Steve, you used your sense of humor to relate to her and you quickly won her over, along with her trust.   You worked well with me during the family sessions and helped me to work on changing myself as well. 

Stephanie, you came in about half way through our daughter’s time at Vista Sage and made great progress with her.  She truly enjoyed the 12 step program and I appreciated that you both shared that with me as well.

Tim, In regards to school, I appreciate all that you did!  I am amazed at how well that she did when she actually applied herself. 

Here we are a year later and she is home now.  She lives by the DBT therapy – but has stopped trying to use it on me.  She is confident, in control of her emotions and engaged.  She misses her support group and friends from Vista Sage and is working to develop a good support group here.   She has plans to meet up with some of the girls next month.  I have no doubt that the friendships that she made at Vista will be life-long friendships and will help her with any future challenges.

She is currently working and is enrolled in a charter school for the fall to finish up the remainder of her high school classes.  She is planning on a career as either a teacher or a Substance Abuse Counselor.

Thank you all for your incredible work and support!!